Sunday, 25 May 2008

Hello, again...

Haven't written any blogs for more than half a year...anyway, it's been an exciting journey thus far. Just a quick update, I moved back to Asia and I'm now in middle office, as a risk manager. Though I still very much would like to be in the front office (quant research or structuring), my current job offers interesting prospects and challenges too.

I have also just signed up for the FRM and the exam is in November.


Anonymous said...

I really, really like your blog about your quant finance internship. Reading it has been very pleasant and informative.
It's nice to read that you landed an interesting job.
Do you have the time to answer some questions? I would really appreciate that!
Best regards

quant-obsession said...

anonymous: Thanks for dropping by. Haven't updated anything since my internship days in London. Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll try my best to answer them.

euroquant said...


Sorry for my late reply (I was on holiday). I'll first give a short introduction of myself. I am working as a quantitative risk analyst at an insurance company, and I am interested in knowing more about other people's experiences in this field.

Do you like your current job? Are there many similarities to front office derivatives pricing / structuring positions? You said that you would like to be in the front office. Did you apply for front office positions as well, but did you end up accepting this position? You also wrote earlier that you would like to be in research. Did you consider a research quant position too?

Do you like the FRM exam? I am also considering doing it. I have heard from some people that the literature they offer for preparation isn't that great. How are your experiences?

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you're back! Your blog is still in my reader after all this time!

Have fun in Asia! What country?

Your #1 fan,

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm exactly in your position in the past, offers from LSE Fin Econ vs Columbia Fin Maths.
Ex post, would you have chosen Columbia & why?

Jonathan Finance CFA said...

Great blog, how about now are you still working in Risk Management?