Thursday, 20 September 2007

Quant news

See this for current quant market condition...


Philip said...

Hi Quant Obsession.

I just came across your blog. I've just started my MSc. Finance and Economics program at LSE.

I wanted your advice on some stuff. I've been interviewing with lots of firms for a full time place and its gotten pretty crazy. I've been keeping up with FM436 (Fin. Econ) and FM402 (Fin. Risk Analysis) but I've totally fallen behind in FM437 (fin.Econometrics) and EC411 (Micro). I guess that by the end of the term, I might get an offer + get on top of three out of the four modules. But do you think that I'd be alright with only 3 being ok, or do you recommend cutting back on the interviews and focusing more on the academia? How did you find the mock exams in lent term?

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Euny Hong said...

Dear LSE quant, My name is Euny Hong and I am a journalist at France 24, a French news network based in Paris. I would very much like to interview you for a piece I am doing on quant finance, as you seem to have the depth of understanding I am seeking. Could you please email me at ehong at france24 dot com? Cheers, Euny