Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Nice gesture

It was really nice of my manager, or rather ex-manager (who wanted to bring me over to NY), to drop me an email saying I could use her as a reference and also let prospective employers know that I would actually have received a formal offer if not for the US immigration issues.

Suddenly I find myself having so much time I don't really know how to make good use of it. Other than recuperating from the intensive 10 weeks, haha, I've practically got nothing much to do, in terms of stimulating my brain cells. But it's also nice to be idling around for a while. I'll be going home soon!

Maybe I'll take some time off to visit friends in Asia too. Not having any source of income can be a problem though.

Oh yeah, I might have to change the title of this blog now that I will no longer be in the "quant" profession. A short-lived blog I'll have to say.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
We are travelling in the same boat..ok no..in similar boats.
Even I finished my Masters in fin math in one of the top univs as a part-time student.An offer from a top hedgefund did not materialise for me due to immigration issues.I know many others who have had similar experiences.

Perhaps America does not deserve us.
Dont stop blogging.I like your blogs.You keep it simple and you are candid.Interesting times are ahead of us.We have a lot to learn and debate.

I'm sure you'll get into a good bank in HK.Asia is the place to be bro.
All the best!

quant-obsession said...

anonymous: Yes you're right, Asia-Pac has tremendous growth and all the focus right now is in Europe and Asia. But coming from Asia, I've always dreamt of working in Wall St or the City. Quant jobs are very limited in Asia but I think I'll be moving into other areas. Anyway, thanks for your message. All the best to you too bro!